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Image by Simon Weisser


“Taking Classic Rock Fans by SurpriseMorris Taylor Presents Soul-Infused Funk and Infectious Psychedelic Rock. With cool and composed tunes that take one right back to the ’60s to Funk and Rock that offers addictive, vibrant energy, Morris Taylor’s music has got it all Denton, Texas.

—September 26th, 2022 –



Morris Taylor is known for spinning groovy, melodic, and mesmerizing psychedelic rock blends with his charismatic vocals and distinctive guitar work.


Delivering trippy and magnetizing compositions, the talented artist continues to stun listeners with records such as “Take a Wrong” and “Make a Right.” His tracks echo the slow, cool, and subtle appeal of Jazz and Funk music, elevated by soul-stirring vocals.


The artist presents stunning guitar sequences and psychedelic rock tunes which showcase a dynamic, kaleidoscopic spectacle, reminiscent of classic 60’s tunes. Taking audiences on a journey of emotions, tracks such as “Visions Of Happiness”.

Image by Giancarlo Duarte

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